digital surface model with 5 m post spacing
digital surface model
with 5 m post spacing

Before placing your order, please see the End User Licence Agreement for IRS Products, available as the binding English original and non-binding translations in German and French.

To order IRS-data products please fill in the appropriate form and use the field 'Remarks' to specify service products or bundles not explicitly offered on the forms.

Colour Sensor Order Form
2.5 black & white PAN - pdf - -
5 colour LISS-IV + LISS-III pdf - pdf -
PAN + LISS-III - - - pdf
black & white LISS-IV Mono pdf - pdf -
PAN - - - pdf
20 multispectral LISS-III pdf - pdf -
25 multispectral LISS-III - - - pdf
60 multispectral AWiFS pdf - pdf -
180 multispectral WiFS - - - pdf

To order Euro-Maps 3D products please use this form.

Please send the signed order forms via fax or e-mail. Make sure you receive an order confirmation via e-mail within two business days.