digital surface model with 5 m post spacing
digital surface model
with 5 m post spacing

The Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS Cartosat-2 has been successfully launched into polar orbit on January 10, 2007. The payload was lifted by the PSLV-C7 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

Cartosat-2 is highly agile and can be operated in different imaging modes. E.g. in spot mode, imaging in North-South direction on either side of the track, in paint-brush mode, employing roll and pitch tilt to increase the total swath, and in multi-view mode, imaging one strip three times with different look angles.

Key Parameters of the Cartosat-2 Sensor

Tilt Across Track ± 45 deg
Tilt Along Track ± 45 deg
Spatial Resolution <1 m
Swath-width 9.6 km
Radiometric Resolution, Quantisation 10 bit
Spectral Coverage 500-850 nm
CCD Arrays
(no. of arrays * no. of elements)
1 * 12000