digital surface model with 5 m post spacing
digital surface model
with 5 m post spacing

Euromap's Munich based parent company, GAF AG, acts as our sub-contractor for the production of higher level IRS data products. In mid-2000 GAF AG established an ortho-correction and mosaicing production line for IRS data. The production line is based on high-end PCI-OrthoEngine software.

Euromap offers the ortho-correction of data from all IRS sensors. For IRS-P6 data the process is based on RPCs, which are corrected using ground control points. During the processing of IRS-1C/1D data the orbital parameters are corrected using ground control points. The data can be projected to almost any map projection and ellipsoid of the user's choice.

Ground control data can either be obtained from existing maps or GPS measurements. GAF has at its disposal DEMs covering large parts of Europe (MONA Pro) and selected regions world wide (SRTM). Most data can be processed on a routine basis using these DEMs. However, customers may also provide their own elevation model if appropriate.

If several scenes have to be ortho-rectified then the process uses bundle adjustment to achieve a stable geometry. Depending on the DEM used and the ground control an accuracy of CE90=15 m relative to the ground control can be achieved.